About Us

We met at Archie’s Seabreeze- an outdoor biker bar in Fort Pierce Beach, Florida. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off right away. That night, I wrote in my journal, “Met a great guy who surfs every day.” One year later, we were married and have been happily surfing ever since!

CJ gave me a 9’8″ longboard for a wedding present. I’m a big girl so I need a big board. My beautiful board is so big that I could only carry it by balancing it on my head. CJ made a makeshift sling with rope and a shoulder pad he cut from an old gym bag. Whenever I used the sling to carry my board from the parking lot to the beach, we got a lot of comments like, “Good idea,” and “I need one of those.” So we decided to make and sell Surfboard Slings. It took us about a year to get the design right and we’re very proud of the final product. Surfers all over the world are using our Surfboard Sling because it’s simple, functional, and useful – qualities sometimes hard to come by in our complicated world. Happy surfing!

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